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More and more recently, we are witnessing a tendency when high-quality texts of the main pages make us a tempting offer that it would seem impossible to refuse. But then, when a natural desire arises to get more information about the source of such a sweet sentence, in order to understand whether you can trust him, we read the section “about ourselves”. And here we are met by a real text-catastrophe, presented in one of three forms: modest, boastful, patterned. And none of these formats can convince us that the service should be ordered in this place.

This is the way your essay is assessed when applying for a job or when entering a university. “I need to write essay about myself as soon as possible,” you think, and try to write in this text as much as possible enticing information in order to be sure to like the commission or the boss. But at the same time you make all the mistakes due to which your essay is put aside without even reading.

Let’s look at these three standard text “about yourself” and think about how to strengthen them.

The first type is modest. Undoubtedly, modesty is a good trait of character, but not only when you are trying to demonstrate your strengths. Excessive modesty in such a situation is inappropriate. Therefore, you cannot modestly sell yourself through text in the style of “name, date of birth, education and no other achievements.”

The next type is boastful. It is so established that boasting in one degree or another is peculiar, perhaps, to each of us. We praise the new toys, then school success, and then their other halves and careers. Nevertheless, one should always remember that “to boast is to say to others without courtesy: I am better than you.”

Do you want to cooperate with a man who, even if inadvertently, but still exalts himself above the earth, describing all his virtues in such a way that it becomes embarrassing for your life achievements? Will you have a desire to use the services of an author who tried to sell himself with text in the style of “I can do everything, and you are nothing”? Right, no way.

That is why your goal is not to brag about your achievements, but to demonstrate them favorably. So that the members of the commission who will check your essay understand that you have positive qualities, but you still have much to develop.

The latter type is template. Such texts are most common. Faceless and monotonous. They literally copy each other, competing among themselves for the variety of synonyms used. Finding nothing better, some students simply copy the most unsuccessful texts about themselves from bad resources. This all ends with the fact that such essays are also not considered. The essay should be interesting and fascinating, it should attract attention, and not repel its simplicity.

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